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Overwatch searches on Pornhub increased 817% during the shooter’s open beta | Peek&Co
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It seems like people love Overwatch so much that they are doing a lot of searches in an effort to see its characters naked.

During Thursdays open beta for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC,​ searches for steamy Overwatch content increased by 817%. It seems as though after getting a taste of the excellent action in Overwatch, players went looking for the game’s characters engaging in lewd behavior.

Check out the following insights:​

Early on Tracer seemed to cause quite a stir with her "butt pose" and it seems as though Tracer is still the main attraction...

Interestingly, it seems the thirst for Overwatch is a global phenomenon, with South Korea topping the list...

It seems like Blizzard are doing something right with it's visually appealing characters as it's riling up a lot of fans. You can read more about these insights over here.

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