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Pokemon Go set for July release | Peek&Co
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For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of Pokemon Go, the augmented reality love child of your bread and butter Pokemon game and geocaching, you can rest easy. The official release date has been set for this July according to Nintendo's E3 livestream. 

The game utilizes mobile phones as a platform for interacting with the outside world. If you ever dreamt as a kid about Pokemon existing in real life, this is as close as you're going to get (for now). 

As you travel around (in the real world), your phone or Pokemon Go wristband will vibrate, indicating that a Pokemon is nearby. 

When you first enter the world of Pokemon Go, you'll be able to customize your appearance as a trainer, which will show up on the map as you move around. 

While certain Pokemon only appear in specific places i.e. water Pokemon near water, others are more common. By catching the same Pokemon multiple times, you'll be able to evolve that Pokemon the same way you would in a traditional Pokemon game.

pokemon go july release

You can also level up yourself as a trainer, gaining access to rarer Pokemon and more powerful methods of catching said Pokemon, including great balls and ultra balls.

While we aren't necessarily throwing our Pokemon games out the door, nor shuttering the next release (Pokemon Sun & Moon), we do think this could be a sneak peek at what the future has to offer, as augmented reality becomes more developed. ‚Äč

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