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League of Legends Recap 5/15 | Peek&Co
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MSI Week 2 Results

Rounding out the second week of MSI, the semifinals proved to be just as explosive as the group stage. SKT pulled ahead of RNG in a close 3-1 series with a couple nail-biters thrown in, while CLG proved the doubters wrong in a 3-1 series with the LMS Flash Wolves. ​

Check out the scoreboards here​ courtesy of leaguepedia for game by game breakdowns of scores, builds, and champion picks. Did somebody say Sona?

And don't forget to check out next week's recap for the finals breakdown.

Roster Moves

We've got a couple juicy roster moves and rumors this week so strap in:

Following the disintegration of Renegades, Team Impulse, and Team Dragon Knights (yes, you read that right), a number of players are now on the free agent market.

Ohq has joined NRG as their ADC, replacing Altec who is rumored to be on C9's challenger squad. For those curious, the full NRG roster now is Quas (Top), Santorin (Jungle), GBM (Mid), Ohq (ADC), KiwiKid (Support).

YellowStar has officially left TSM, and a number of supports are now trying out for the position during TSM's bootcamp in Korea, including Hybrid from G2 and Biofrost, the NA player initially selected to fill the role.

​Diamondprox is rumored to be joining Team APEX in the jungle position.

One last bit of roster news, although more related to teams than individuals, is the rumored sale of the Team Renegades LCS spot to EnvyUS. Check out DailyDot article here

League Drama

My favorite section. And there really is only one thing to talk about this week, which is Riot's decision to bar Team Renegades, Team Impulse, and Team Dragon Knights from the LCS, as well as their respective owners. Chris Badawi is permanently banned, the TDK owners are 'indefinitely' banned, while Christopher 'Monte Cristo' Mykkles is unable to be involved in LCS organizations for a year (he can still cast)

My initial read on this, like most peoples, is that there was a lot of shady stuff going on behind the scenes with all three of the teams (although TIP was unrelated to the other two), and Riot was right in their decisions. That being said, the issue of Riot being judge, jury, and executioner for the LCS brings with in an entirely different set of issues that will need to be addressed at some point. 

TL/DR - Riot was probably right, but they need to be more transparent. This post certainly doesn't do the topic justice, and there are a ton of great articles out there going in-depth on this issue. Check out the original Riot release here

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