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Global Power Rankings | Peek&Co
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S-Tier – These teams are legitimate world’s contenders. Anything less than a trip to the World’s Quarterfinals would be a serious disappointment.

1. ROX Tigers (5-2, 10-7)


Earned this spot more from what the teams previously in front of them did more than what they managed to accomplish. ROX is starting to find their groove, winning three series straight, which is more than many other teams in Korea can say for themselves. Their upcoming matchup against the Greenwings will put their title of number 1 up for grabs. Spoiler Alert: Smeb is still a beast.

*Editors note: ROX beat JAG 2-0 ​

2. EDward Gaming (6-0, 12-3)

The undisputed best team in China right now, EDG is on a roll. After dispatching fellow group leader RNG the rest of the schedule looks very doable for Edward Gaming. Clearlove, Deft and Meiko have helped relative newcomers Scout and Mouse acclimate beautifully. The team is in the same position it was in last year, but time will tell if it is able to avoid the summer playoffs slump that doomed it at World’s last year.

3. Jin Air Greenwings (5-2, 10-6)

Boy, oh boy, JAG claimed the undisputed title of best team in the world after following up on Kuzan’s words and beating SKT 2-1. Then they decided first place wasn’t for them as they dropped a humiliating series 2-0 vs lowly MVP. Despite pulling a complete CLG, Jin Air is still positioned very well for the playoffs and looks like a team that can compete with anyone in the world.

4. SK Telecom T1 (5-2, 11-4)

SK Telecom in even years is so hard to predict. It appears kkooma may have been right with his early prediction for SKT after all. Fortunately, they still have the best player in the history of the game on their side and it’s extremely unlikely he tilts as hard as he has in the past two series. SKT has been exposed the past two weeks, but it’s a little too early to panic. Once the right hand of God has returned to his rightful pedestal maybe he can find a way to revert the play of Faker to that of legendary being once again.

5. Royal Never Give Up (6-1, 13-3)

Uzi has finally found an aggressive support and the results so far have been terrifying as he’s racked up a 6.27 KDA thus far into the split. Paired with arguably the best support in the history of the game, this bot lane is one that will wreak havoc against any team in the world. Up-and-coming Chinese players mlxg and xiaohu have been fantastic and Looper is solid as always. RNG look like a real threat come playoff time.

6. KT Rolster (5-2, 11-5)

If KT Rolster could ever find a mid laner better than Fly just imagine where they could go. Currently second in the extremely close LCK, KT is again being led by their star top laner Ssumday. He’s not alone this year, however, as the jungle and bot lane have continually excelled against advanced competition. Still, if KT wishes to realize its dream of world domination it will need to receive improved performances from average mid laner Fly.

7. Team Solo Mid (6-0, 12-2)

Baylieve! The North American titans have reclaimed their throne as North America’s best as they have trounced all opponents in their path. New support Biofrost is playing like a four year veteran and bot lane partner Doublelift is having one of the best splits of his career as a result. Overall, this team looks much different than the 1v9 Team Solo Bjergsen this team sent to worlds last year and they have a chance to really make NA proud.

8. Flash Wolves (3-0-0, 6-0)

The reigning kings of Taiwan have looked strong so far, albeit it’s only two weeks into the season. Last week, the Flash Wolves trounced main competitor Westdoor and ahq 2-0. Led by star mid laner Maple, this team looks poised for a repeat performance. Keep your eye on Karsa as he currently leads the league in KDA at 13.25.

A-Tier – These teams have high quality talent that, at their peak, can challenge any team in the world. A trip to worlds is realistically in their grasp, but it probably wouldn’t be wise to bet on them to bring home the Summoner’s Cup.

9. Samsung Galaxy (5-3, 10-7)

global power rankings

Imagine how much CJ must miss playmaking jungler Ambition right now, currently pacing SSG into a playoff spot this split. Samsung has been a pleasant surprise this split as rookie adc Ruler looks like a future star (Seriously, what is it with the Samsung organization and good adcs). For now, this team looks like a long shot for worlds with the logjam of 5-2 teams ahead of them who all have championship points already. Still, a magical Najin Shield-esque run is not out of the question if this team peaks at the right time.

10. Immortals (5-1, 11-4)

Led by the hard-charging Korean duo Huni and Reignover, IMT has bullied its way to an early second place spot in the North American LCS. The surprising star so far into the season has been the last great American mid laner: The Notorious POB. When he’s not playing Twisted Fate, Pobelter has a very passive farming til mid game style of play which matches up perfectly with Reignover’s camp Huni style of play. So far this team looks very strong and should be a strong contender in the playoffs.

11. G2 Esports (4-2-0, 10-2)

The strongest of all the wild-card teams, G2 has a plethora of stars at its disposal. Zven and Mithy make up the strongest bot lane in the west with consistent high impact performances. Perkz is the best mid laner from the region known for its mids and reigning MVP Trick is the engine that keeps the entire team running. G2 has the talent to compete at the highest level but to do so it will need unknown top laner Expect to perform up to expectations, no pun intended. If he can deliver G2 may very well run away with the title of the best in EU.

12. Game Talents (5-2, 10-6)

The dark horse of the LPL GT has really surprised fans and competitors alike so far this split. Led by a number of rising stars Game Talents look to continue this hot streak this week against fellow rookie team I May. The star of this young squad is mid laner Republic, but the bot lane is more than formidable. Savoki, in particular has been impressive as he leads all supports in KDA with a 5.28 mark. Only time will tell if GT can continue this hot streak towards playoffs but right now this team looks like a real threat.

13. H2K (3-3-0, 9-3)

Armed with an adc with a passion for the game and the capability of getting along H2K is making major strides so far into this early split. The team managed to take a game off EU frontrunner G2 last week before being routed with Freeze putting up a score line of (0/9/3). H2K has the best macro-play of anyone in Europe and as they continue their march towards the playoff their synergy is only getting better.

14. J Team (2-1-0, 5-1)

The team formerly known as TPA looks like it finally has found a winning formula again. With veteran adc Bebe leading the way J Team knocked off contender HKE last week in a convincing 2-0 series. Up and coming 17 year old Fofo looks like the next Taiwanese star. The mid laner currently leads all other players at his position with a 9.71 KDA as well as 5 champions played in only 6 games.

15. MVP (3-4, 7-8)

Will it be another title run for the former SSW coaches in an even year? The rookie team seems to be hitting its stride at the time as it knocked off the number 1 team in the world JAG in a 2-0 shellacking. Rookies Ian and Beyond look like they could grow into something special, but this team won’t find upper-echelon success in Korea until it finds a better adc than MaHa (Ghost/Nuclear?).

16. Ahq e-Sports Club (2-0-1, 4-2)

Two pretty convincing losses later and ahq doesn’t look like the powerhouse LMS team it was all of the spring regular season. Star mid laner Westdoor has struggled on mages such as Vladimir and Cassiopeia. The team is going to make playoffs due to its overall talent level, but with J Team and HKE rising ahq will have to up its play if it wishes to keep its streak of world appearance alive.

17. Cloud 9 (4-2, 10-7)

If only CLG was competitive enough to take a game off of C9 the 57 game dream season would still have hope. Cloud 9 is putting up great results while going through some evident growing pains. The boys in blue have picked up their first actual coach, Reapered, and dividends are already beginning to show. The rotating support system will be something to track the rest of the season. The first two weeks Bunny FuFuu looked like the superior player, but in week three the roles were reversed. Smoothie was finally put on a playmaking support and shined in both series. C9 fans have to be wondering if the series against TSM would have turned out differently if Smoothie had played all three games.

18. Snake eSports (4-3, 9-7)

SofM has completely revitalized this squad. Winning four of five after dropping its first two series Snake eSports look to be on a roll. The team was shocked by an LGD team that actually played up to its potential last week, but it rebounded nicely against WE. This week the team faces what should be a relatively easy series against relegation zone OMG as it gears up for its upcoming tilt against RNG.

19. Fnatic (4-1-1, 9-3)

So far into this split Fnatic have some pretty defined strengths and weaknesses. The good news for Fnatic is that Spirit seems to have rekindled some of his spring 2015 form when he was the best jungler on the planet. The bad news is that this team doesn’t look to have the overall cohesion, macro game or pick/ban phase that it had last summer. While some of this may be attributed to coach Deilor tinkering with his new toys as he fine tunes his team for playoffs, the 0-2 performance against H2K has to be worrisome. The team is currently second, but don’t be surprised if they face some future struggles as two of their next three series are against G2 and ROC.

20. Afreeca Freecs (3-4, 6-8)

Another Korean team that has been wildly inconsistent, Afreeca got beat convincingly 2-0 by bottom of the table Ever only to storm back and squash SKT. Is this another late season run or was the SKT game just a fluke? Only time will tell. Star mid laner Mickey will always draw attention, but the rest of his team has steadily improved around him. Ikssu and Lira in particular look like they have star potential.

B-Tier – Teams in this region are upper-mid tier. Playoffs look likely for these squads, but right now they sit solidly in the middle of the pack in their respective regions.

21. Team World Elite (4-3, 11-8)

global power rankings

Despite dropping two series last week, WE still looks like a formidable Chinese club. The team has developed its talent nicely and it currently holds the second seed in Group B. If it can maintain its spot throughout the season Team World Elite will have as good a shot as any in the Regional Finals.

22. Team EnvyUs (5-1, 10-5)

NV have shocked a lot of fans and experts so far this split with a 5-1 start. Particularly surprising has been the play of former Challenger Series adc LOD. Mid laner Ninja has been solid so far and Procxin has improved leaps and bounds from his time as a member of DetonatioN FocusMe. The star of the show so far, though, has been shot caller extraordinaire Seraph. EnvyUs will need its top laner at top form this week as it faces its toughest challenge yet in the form of TSM and C9.

23. Longzhu Gaming (2-5, 6-10)

A team with talent in the form of Chaser, Coco and Fury should never find itself this far down the standings, yet here we find Longzhu Gaming. Stocked with mechanical skill at every position the team LZ still has yet to click almost a split and a half into the season. Things are looking up as the team managed to take down Samsung last week, but for now it looks like despite the name change the new Incredible Miracle will forever be stuck in relegations.

24. FC Shalke 04

Football powerhouse Shalke looks like a smart investor so far into the split. The team managed dropped a tough series to Fnatic last week before coming back and taking a convincing 2-0 against fellow middle of the table squad Roccat. Gillius looks like all the hard work has put in is finally paying off and Fox is as consistent as always.

25. Hong Kong Esports (2-0-1, 4-2)

So far this split HKE has taken down two of the weaker teams in the LMS and dropped a tough series to J Team. MapleSnow and Gear are rapidly improving and the Korean bot lane duo is consistent, if unspectacular. The team is lacking the star power needed to take it to the top, though, so here’s to hoping that it can work out the “contract conflict” with Toyz relatively quickly.

26. Apex Gaming (3-3, 8-8)

Apex gave Cloud 9 all it could handle this past weekend but fell just short. Keane looked rather adept at Cassiopeia and Ray’s J4 was once again a sight to behold. Rookie Korean jungler Shrimp is finally getting the chance to display his talents with mixed results. As spectacular as he’s been, if the team wishes to keep its position and make playoffs it will need to develop a win condition outside of getting Ray fed.

27. Newbee (3-3, 7-8)

The artist formerly known as Qiao Gu Reapers has been a mixed bag so far into the split. The solo laners have been the stars of the team as V and dade have been fairly consistent. Jungler Swift looks like he has yet to break out of the funk that losing former mid laner DoinB has put him in.

28. Splyce (2-2-2, 6-6)

You know Team Dignitas regrets selling this franchise and holding on to its North American counterpart. The young team looks chock full of promising talent, especially Sencux and Kobbe. Wunderwear has changed his playstyle drastically from consistently feeding to impact performer. Coach YamatoCannon has worked wonders coaching this team up and developing its confidence and it should be EU contenders for years to come.

29. Team Liquid (3-3, 7-7)

After getting off to a horrendous start, Team Liquid has rebounded nicely and finds itself in sixth place, with its sights set on fourth place. Week three performance aside, mid laner Fenix has been a major liability for the team so far into the split. Jungler Dardoch looks to have found his footing once again, though, and the impact that will have on the team cannot be understated. Piglet returns to the starting lineup this week as the team gets into the tough spot in its schedule as TL takes on IMT (twice), C9, Apex and nV in the team’s next five games.

30. I May (3-3, 8-6)

Another over performing rookie Chinese team, I May has come out of the gates swinging. Mid laner Athena has racked up an untouchable 16.0 KDA four weeks into the season. While fellow mid laner BaeMe looks to be a special talent as well. I May is in the weaker group B so if it can hold off the underperforming squads of Vici and LGD it is in a prime position for playoffs.

C-Tier – You can find these clubs in the mid to lower tier of their respective regions. These teams have the unenviable task of trying to fight off relegation while simultaneously climbing towards a playoff position

31. Vici Gaming (3-3, 6-7)

global power rankings

Vici is another squad that seems to be perpetually underperforming. With talents such as world champions Dandy and Easyhoon the team should be near the top of Group B. Instead, after a tough loss to Newbee, it finds itself residing in fourth place staring down at an LGD team that no one is quite sure will stay dormant for much longer.

32. Machi E-Sports (1-1-1, 3-3)

M17 looks like a solid middle of the pack team in the LMS. Machi managed to take a game off of J Team, but it was swept by fourth place squad HKE. The team has shown it can handle the lower ranked squads, but it will be hard pressed to fight its way into playoff contention. Adc Dee has the mechanics to take over any game.

33. Counter Logic Gaming (2-4, 6-9)

At this point teams just need to avoid vacations at all cost. The second place squad from MSI continues to look to regain its former footing. Placing former star top laner Darshan on his signature Jax last week was a good start, but CLG will need struggling adc and mid laner Stixxay and Huhi to pick up their play if the team looks to have any hope of moving up. If Counter Logic Gaming can at least stave off relegations the 90 Championship Points it earned last split should be enough to get it a spot in the Regional Qualifiers where C9 showed last year that anything can happen.

34. Giants Gaming (2-0-4, 4-8)

Every week Giants performs a little better and gets a little more synergy. Rookie Korean import NighT looks like a star in the making, filling the hole left by xPepi nicely. The team has some nice pieces to build around, but it’s hard to see it competing at the highest level when Sonstar is holding down a precious import slot.

35. LGD Gaming (2-5, 5-11)

After heavily underperforming for much of the split, LGD shocked the world when it shut down Snake eSports to a tune of 2-0. The team finally has shot calling support pyl back in the lineup. With former world champions Marin and imp in tow LGD Gaming will always have a chance to win against any team it plays and with a relatively easy upcoming stretch of schedule LGD Gaming could see itself climbing quickly.

36. Team Roccat (1-3-2, 5-7)

Roccat had a rough performance last week, failing to earn a single point against Origen and Shalke. Star players Steeelback and Betsy have been consistently performing, but they will need the rest of the team to pick up the slack if ROC wishes to make playoffs. This week the team has a winnable series against UOL and then a show-me matchup against Fnatic where the team can prove once and for all where it belongs in the region.

37. Team Vitality (1-3-2, 5-7)

Perhaps benching Shook and Hjarnan for an above average North American adc and unknown jungler wasn’t such a good idea after all. For his own part, Police has had a good KDA at 5.30, but the fact that VIT is already looking to replace him is telling. Mightybear has looked even worse so far, but he recently made it to the top of the European Dynamic Queue Ladder so hopefully that will translate to the stage. It may be time to rekindle the magic of the old H2K duo of Hjarnan and Kasing, though.

D-Tier – These teams are at the bottom of the table in their respective regions and will be fighting off relegation for the rest of the season.

38. ESC Ever

global power rankings

The former IEM Cologne winners have found that the LCK is a bit tougher than competition abroad. Star bot lane Loken and Key can only carry this team so much, especially in this meta. Tempt has been a nice surprise but Ever is going to need improved play from the jungle and top lane if it wants to stave off relegations.

39. Midnight Sun Esports

The gatekeepers of the LMS, MSE is head and shoulders above the bottom two but finds itself outclassed by all five teams above it. The team may want to experiment with new lineups surrounding up and coming players M1ssion and Corgi.

40. Invictus Gaming (2-5, 7-11)

iG has completely fallen apart, losing to the likes of OMG last week. Rookie has proven that he’s willing to pull out any champion at any time as he was the first player to pull out Taliyah in any of the five major regions. The schedule doesn’t get any easier for Invictus Gaming as it takes on WE and I May in its next two games.

41. NRG eSports (1-5, 5-10)

Does this team even know its win conditions? Most games against better teams GBM takes a wave clearing mid laner (Ziggs) and NRG tries to stall til the forty minute mark where one lucky team fight can win them the game. Against weaker teams NRG eSports has shown more depth of strategy with Quas playing Illaoi or ohq dominating on Twitch. The team is still coming together, but somehow the pieces don’t quite fit.

42. Oh My God (1-5, 3-11)

The former perennially World’s contenders have fallen a long way since their hay day. OMG does have one bright spot in young mid laner Icon, when he’s not being substituted for the way-past-his-prime Cool. Former all-star jungler Loveling returns to the team which could provide a much needed boost.

43. CJ Entus (1-7, 4-15)

So much for being the next Faker. For all the hype piled onto 17 year old mid laner Bdd he has seriously underperformed. Then again, it’s hard to imagine the senpai himself having S-tier quality games with the top laner and jungler CJ continues to trot out there. Kkramer and Madlife continue to be solid contributors for the team.

44. Origen (1-2-3, 4-8)

Without Zven and mithy this team looks like a shell of its former self, losing a surprising series to Giants. Star mid laner and owner xPeke has been forced onto the adc position with the Forg1ven’s surprise retirement. At some point OG is going to have to admit that the PowerOfEvil experiment has failed. Perhaps Hybrid really should have locked that Teemo in for him.

45. Echo Fox (1-5, 3-10)

Team Rick Fox has hit a major rut. Froggen and kfo can only carry so much dead weight and the rest of the team looks incapable of playing at the LCS level. Hard needs to become more active in the early game and Keith needs to be more cognizant of his positioning or this team will be hard-pressed to fight off relegations.

46. Unicorns of Love (1-0-5, 2-10)

It turns out you can’t throw a pink jacket on just anyone and expect them to perform. Last split, UOL found underrated talent in players such as Diamondprox, Fox and Steeelback. This split the Unicorns decided to try their luck with Move, Exileh and Veritas with disastrous results. Veritas signing, in particular, was head scratching as he was a below average NACS adc. The most confusing part of this entire team, however, is that the EU Open Qualifier showcased a lot of European talent and the team chose to ignore it for these lesser players.

47. Saint Gaming (0-6, 2-12)

Acorn better being compensated well because his career is completely bottoming out on Saint. The team looks completely lost in all stages of the game, surprising since he was SSB and LGD’s shot caller. With no potentially star players and no particularly great macro game this team will be lucky if it can scrounge up even one series win this season.

48. Team Mist (0-0-3, 0-6)

Team Mist has had the hardest schedule of all the LMS teams so far in the split and their record reflects that. The team is rapidly acclimating to the league and looks better than fellow bottom of the table competitor X Gamers.

49. Phoenix 1 (0-6, 2-12)

Why invest $1 million and then turn around and entrust it with proven below average players such as Mash? Phoenix 1 has a couple bright spots especially in the top lane with zig. Jungler Inori joins the team for the first time next week and hopefully that will spark some life into them.

50. X Gamers (0-0-3, 0-6)

At this point, XG would be lucky to take the early game against any of the fellow D-Tier teams on this list. X Gamers look like a surefire team to be relegated come next spring.

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