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League of Legends News! Week 7 | Peek&Co
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Cloud 9 Unable to Rush

Amid rumors that Riot would tighten up their foreigner policy (extending the limitation to four years), Rush went back to South Korea to farm champions while Cloud 9 Challenger entered Contractz into their jungle instead.

This policy is like moving the goalposts after certain other teams have scored. Most pro gamer careers don’t span four years, so essentially they’re giving these teams a free pass with a European mid-laner counted as an NA resident, and telling the rest of the league to farm homegrown talent. 

Jin Air Shoots Down SKT

Jin Air have finally solved the SKT puzzle, giving the Telecom bullies their first two losses of the year and their first match loss. Perhaps they stole a page out of the Flash Wolves’ playbook and used Ezreal against them, which seems to give SKT problems (who knows why?). Was this simply a hiccup or will SKT start to look human now? Is this more SKT mind games: play experimental comps and give other teams false hope that they can be beaten by comps that they actually consider weak? Or maybe Faker needs to ice that Lulu pick for the time being.

“You mean... we were playing real teams? I thought we were up against AI,” Faker said, “Thought something was wrong with this series.”

Cats Look Down At You, Dogs Look Up To You, Piglet Thinks You’re S#!@

Piglet made comments about Phoenix1 this week, essentially saying playing against Phoenix1 in the NALCS was disheartening because their players are individually lacking in mechanical skill. So why is Piglet in NA, again?

One Last Breath

A dragon levelled up during a fight in a C9 vs. Apex game this week, prompting a response from a Riot employee that they have a fix to be implemented, where the dragon will only level after thirty seconds of being in an out-of- combat state. Might have been like the moment Han Solo stepped on a twig to change the entire course of the rebellion battle of Endor that game... at least that’s what fans are treating it like.

“It totally tilted me? I had it all lined up? Thought we had this for sure, right? Q out of the pit after? Then the dragon levels up? I mean, I... technically didn’t get out-smited there, but...? Feels bad man,” commented Meteos.


Two undefeated teams went head to head on Thursday with EDG winning out in a best of three, which came as a little bit of a surprise given that RNG were the favorites in this match-up. 

Monte Digs NA

MonteCristo went on a twitter rant, but then also vlogged his disgust with the NALCS standings system. He pointed out that head-to- heads being a bigger tie breaker than game differential is backwards, since game differential expresses more of a team’s consistency.

“Just... f#@!ing doing it like Korea!” said Monte after his grilling.

EU Artists in Action

G2 and H2K went head to head on Thursday, which ended in a draw. Blue side took both matches, which seems to be a recurring theme in many of the pro-leagues this week. Has the meta revealed a blue side advantage problem? Are midlane matchups too difficult to counter these days? “Hmm, was it the Olaf... or the Rumble?” Prolly commented.

TSM Near Unstoppable

tsm still undefeated

TSM hasn’t lost a match yet, and they’ve had one of the most difficult schedules to date. A perfect season is in play for them. Maybe they’ve been working harder? “I’m just feeling good about our chances, this split?” said Bjergsen, “We’re coming together like a team and, yeah, it’s really fitting better than it has before. I think we’re the best team right now and I said we were going to be.”“I am NOT losing to CLG again!” said Doublelift.

Cloud Drake Insubstantial

The community is speaking out against the effectiveness of Cloud Drake. It’s like the power of prayer; does it help, does it not? It’s a mystery. One angry fan quipped, “You know what Santa Claus gives to naughty kids every year? A cloud drake buff.”“Seeing Cloud Drake in the pit is like Bill Gates seeing a hundred dollars on the ground,” another argued. But one humble observation: the Cloud Drake and Ocean Drake feel the weakest; the Infernal and Mountain Drake feel the strongest. Two of these buff combat, two of these buff out of combat. While there are some advantages to cloud/ocean drake in specific circumstances, overall the other two feel more impactful. 

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