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League of Legends Recap: 5/22 | Peek&Co
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Tournament Results

The MSI finals ended with SKT beating CLG 3-0. Predictably, the Koreans pulled out the win in dominating fashion, but CLG was able to hang in through the early and mid game of all three matches and even threatened a win in the first one. All in all, I think CLG did NA proud at MSI, and I would take the 2nd place finish to heart.

The full VoD can be found here and the match details can be found here 

Roster Moves

Tons of roster moves this past week. Some expected, some not so much. Check them out below:

1. Zven and Mithy, formerly the bottom lane of Origen, have transferred to G2. The roster now consists of Kikis (Top), Trick (Jungle), Perkz (Mid), Zven (ADC), Mithy (Support).

2. ​To shore up their newly open bot lane, Origen brought in Forg1ven, formerly of H2K, and Hybrid, the departing G2 support. The roster is currently Soaz (Top), Amazing (Jungle), PoE (Mid), Forg1ven (ADC), Hybrid (Support), although their are rumors circulating that this could change.

3. Biofrost is officially confirmed as the starting support for TSM after a lengthy tryout.

4. In the LPL, Uzi has joined RNG (Royal Never Give Up) ​to play ADC alongside the season 5 world champions Mata and Looper

5. Reapered, formerly of CJ Blaze and SKT, has joined C9 as head coach​

6. Crumbzz has retired as a player following the departure of Renegades from the LCS, and has signed on as Apex's challenger team head coach

7. Team EnVyUS has purchased ​Renegades' LCS spot and bought out the contracts of Seraph, Ninja, and Hakuho

8. FC Schalke 04, a European football club, has purchased the LCS slot of Elements and has taken on the entire roster with the exception of Eika, who was replaced by Fox


This week's topic is loyalty. The big news coming out of this week was that the Origen bot lane did not feel their teammates were as invested in producing results as they were, and decided to explore their options, ultimately leaving to join G2. In a noticeably public Twitter fight, the remaining Origen players criticized the pair for leaving the team for a 'rival'. To make matters worse, the bot lane apparently did not discuss their intentions with their teammates beforehand, leaving the news to be broken on Twitter.

Thorin did a great video on this topic here so I won't go too much into it, but I will say that it is perfectly reasonable in the world of professional sports to look for greener pastures if your goal is to be as competitive as possible. The Origen bot lane were not able to discuss ongoing negotiations with teammates because at the time they were still in-progress. That being said, they could have expressed their frustrations (and maybe they did - we will never know) to the rest of the team to exhaust all possible internal options before requesting transfers. 

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