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League of Legends News! featuring Forg1ven and Kikis (Week 6) | Peek&Co
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Forg1ven has left team Origen, getting around faster than a squirrel hopped up on Red Bull. He'll be taking an indefinite leave from League of Legends in favor of more time with other games and an internship opportunity. Worth it?

Apparently he was offended that he had lost to both Rekkles and Niels

Have no fear, xPeke is here, and he’ll be taking over ADC! Protests from his team might prove difficult since he’ll just boot them for complaining. What’s that Amazing? You know what else is amazing? Seeing you on the bench! Soaz? So what? So find yourself a new job. PowerofEvil? Try PowerofUndemployment! Anyone else got anything to say?

“No problem, I just play Vlad and Anivia. They won’t even notice Forg1ven is gone!” said xPeke. 

“It’s not you, it’s me,” Forg1ven commented. (But don't you think he showed up, took one good look at the team, and just left?)

“He’s a f#@!in’ quitter, that’s what he is!” says Thorin, “You don’t see f#@!in’ Michael Jordan quitting basketball... wait... bad example.”

The Good Sports of Russia

Esports are now considered sport in Russia. That’s good, but a question: how long until pro League of Legends play starts anti-doping measures?

Mugging On the Rise in LPL

Snake thought, “We need a master of the jungle, where shall we look for one?” and they turned to Vietnam! New jungle prodigy, SofM of Snake, has been busy taking names and collecting lunch money these past few weeks. Since SofM’s arrival, Snake, previously 0 – 2, have Mario-mushroomed to win three straight series in convincing fashion without dropping a single game.

“It’s weird,” commented Flandre, “Even games I don’t play that great, we still win! I didn’t think it was possible!”


Kikis steps down from G2 esports, although he was essentially being phased out in favor of Expect anyway. He opposed them using Expect as a substitute... but he knew what it was... a classic case of outsourcing.

Kikis G2

Kikis leaves G2

“Y-yeah, we’re just bringing in this Korean top laner as a substitute Kikis, mmkay? And y-yeah... if you could kindly tell him how to do your job, that would be gr-r-e-eat, mmkay, Kikis?”

G2’s record with Kikis this split, 5-0. G2’s record with Expect this split, 0-1. Maybe Kikis is right. However, I expect G2’s record to improve if Expect brings the same amount of instigation to G2’s line-up that Kikis did. Great expectations? Pip ain’t nothing, yet!

Perhaps Kikis acted too soon, and perhaps G2 will regret this choice. But let’s face it, if Zven and Mithy were able to win with Soaz in the top lane, they should still be fine with this line-up.

“He constantly got caught out and we’d have to bail him out!” G2 said of Kikis.

“Mind games: I don’t get caught out of position... I bait fights I know we can win,” Kikis replied.

Early Outliers

Things have been nearly status quo in every league.

TSM has been dominating NA LCS, but Team Envy jumped off to a 4-0 start. Envy has not had the greatest of competition so far. Essentially, it’s like they’ve been playing bots. Their first real test comes against Immortals next week. As for TSM, they face off against Cloud 9, and their schedule has been much harder so full credit goes to them. If TSM win, get out your umbrellas, folks, because Hurricane TSM will be raining obnoxious fans for weeks.

EU is ...H2K, FNC, G2... sorry, I’m falling asleep already... moving on.

SKT has continued pounding the LCK. Ever since Faker has finished his infinity gauntlet, his eyes have turned white, and he’s encountered that moment where he realizes his professional play environment is like a dream that he was in conscious control of; he’s since exercised control of the dream and simply willed opposition nexuses to die. SKT’s worst enemy this split is themselves.

LPL is still being thrashed by RNG and EDG, who meet on Thursday this week. This could be one of the most entertaining games this entire split! Have a playlist ready, though, in case you need to mute the broadcast.

LMS? What is LMS?

Colder in Summer

No, Else is not pissed! Anivia and Ashe are starting to show up on the rift in pro play.

Ashe has impressive synergy with Varus in the midlane, and she’s brought her disengage buddy, Zyra with her since Zyra’s resurgence.

“My husband’s had a hard time finding work, so somebody has to bring home the bacon,” says Ashe.

Anivia, on the other hand, is perfect to turn that menacing blood pool, Vladimir, into a skating rink (although Bjerg might have something to say here).


The change to Trinity Force has helped turn the toplane upside down

Top lane metas around the world have heard the summons like a Kumite (though many Korean teams might have missed the memo). Irelia has returned to the meta with appearances from Jax, Renekton, Illaoi, Shen, Darius, Fiora, and Riven... they’re all coming out to fight. I think I speak for everyone when I say Kumite, Kumite, Kumite!


Irelia enters the rift. Happy?

“My hedges are getting nice and trimmed,” says Maokai, “But not quite gone are the days when someone is trying to beat me up with a cricket bat.”

But stay tuned, other top lanes and other picks are sure to have hidden power unlocked by the Tri-force. As long as Irelia has it, though, yield!

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