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Ana Amari: Overwatch's Healing Sniper | Peek&Co
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Blizzard has officially announced the first new hero to be added to Overwatch’s roster: Ana Amari, a founding member of Overwatch and Pharah’s mother. Dressed in a tattered, hooded cloak and donning an eyepatch, she is now a far cry from the young, military-style hero she was in some earlier images.

Ana lore

Ana's Lore

Ana’s primary weapon is a scoped Biotic Rifle, which can be used to heal allied heroes from a distance or act as a more conventional, long-ranged firearm. Thus, while labeled as a support character, she will still be able to contribute to a team’s damage output.

One of her abilities has a similarly dual function, in which she fires a Biotic Grenade that increases the effectiveness nearby healers like Lucio and Mercy, but also prevents nearby enemies from healing at all.

Her other ability, a Sleep Dart, acts as a longer-range version of McCree’s flashbang, temporarily putting enemies to sleep, thereby canceling ultimates or halting momentum.

And her ultimate allows her to give one of her teammates a significant performance boost, allowing them to move faster, deal more damage, and take less damage.

The likelihood of a support-focused Sniper was first teased on July 6 with the Overwatch Twitter posting a prototype blueprint of a scoped rifle that could be used for long-range healing.

Ana Rifle

Ana's RIfle

The announce was made via Overwatch’s Facebook page, which revealed Ana in a video that shows off her appearance and her new abilities. Blizzard’s Overwatch website also now features Ana among the current roster and explains her backstory and her abilities.

New Overwatch Hero Revealed | Ana

Introducing Ana—a battle-scarred agent who would do anything to protect the people closest to her. Learn more @ playoverwatch.com

Posted by Overwatch on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It isn’t official when Ana will be released to the public, but she is currently playable on the Overwatch Public Test Realm, according to Blizzard.

*Update: Ana is now live for all players!​

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