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Smash Recap: Level-Up Expo | Peek&Co
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May 15th marked the conclusion of LVL Up Expo at the Ashman Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the Smash 4 tournament hosted by the event was one of the smaller notable tournaments of the year so far at around 200 entrants it was not lacking in talent.

Nairo vs. VoiD

The Grand Finals stage was set for a Winner’s Finals between Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada and James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson, where VoiD’s Shiek was defeated 3-1 in the set against Nairo’s Zero Suit Samus. After a solid showing against Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland’s Fox in the Loser’s Finals, Makekau-Tyson was granted another shot at the player who sent him into the loser’s bracket. However, the New Jersey Zero Suit Samus main would ultimately be the victor after a final down-B from Nairo would send VoiD off the top of Duck Hunt in game 5, closing the set out with a 2-stock.

In a later interview with D’Ron “D1” Maingrette, Quezada spoke about how Level Up Expo was a different tournament experience for him. Nairo is no stranger to going up against big name threats in tournament and has already cemented himself as a very strong contender so far in 2016, having placed 1st at Shots Fired 2 and Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo. Commenting about his run through the Winner’s Bracket, Quezada mentioned: “I’ve never played Tyrant of VoiD in tournament, […] that was my first time playing them.” Despite the unfamiliar territory, Nairo was able to take home the gold.

Level-Up Expo

Makekau-Tyson would not leave the convention centre empty-handed, as he secured the Doubles bracket with the help of his partner Nairo, defeating Eric “Tyrant” Legesse and Freddie Omar “FOW” Williams 3-0, in 2 best of 5 sets to take the bracket.

TL;DR: Liquid’ Nairo defeats 2GG | VoiD in singes, and the pair would go on to win the Doubles bracket.

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