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Momocon Smash 4 Recap | Peek&Co
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Tournament Summary

Momocon's Smash 4 tournaments proved to be both exciting and unpredictable. With over 200 entrants and three of the top 10 ranked players from Panda Global's ranking, the tournament showcased a ton of up and coming talent, but ultimately was won by the top seeds as expected. 

In doubles, there wasn't too much of a surprise. Nairo and Ally took the entire tournament easily without dropping a single game. The two had proved to be a strong pair while competing at Umebura F.A.T. and continued to display their prowess and synergy on Friday. Rounding out the rest of top 8 was Mr. E+Vinnie in 2nd place, VoiD+Gadiel in 3rd, 6WX+C3PO in 4th, Mew2King+ScAtt and Fatality+Limbs in 5th, and Seagull Joe+Ross and TheReflexWonder+DRN in 7th.

Singles proved to be the real highlight of the tournament. Pools passed by with minor upsets, namely prominent Wario main Reflex losing to the Lucas wielding Xanos and widely known Captain Falcon main Fatality(41) losing to Wrath, a Sonic main. *() denotes PG rankings. The upsets only continued to pour in when moving forward from top 32 to top 8. On the winners side, Seagull Joe(48) scored an upset over fellow Sonic main 6WX(20).

The largest and most surprising upsets belonged to the aforementioned Wrath and Bowser main LordMix. Wrath posted an impressive 2­0 win over recent GOML champion Ally(6) while LordMix sent the Sheikmasters of Vinnie(18) and VoiD(8) to losers, both of them advancing to Winners Semis after to join Mew2King(28) and Nairo(2).

Rounding out the losers side of Top 8 was Ally, VoiD, Mr. E,and Vinnie while 6WX and Fatality just failed to make the cut. In Top 8 on Sunday, Ally and Vinnie advanced in losers over VoiD and Mr. E, while Nairo and Wrath both moved onto winners finals, defeating Mew2King and LordMix respectively. Ally continued his strong losers bracket run with a victory over Mew2King and set up a match with LordMix in losers semis who double eliminated Vinnie and his counterpick character, Rosalina. LordMix fell just short though when dueling with Ally, losing 2­3 but posting his strongest result and wins to date.

Nairo moved on to grand finals with a 3­0 over Wrath and Ally got his revenge with a 3­1 victory in losers finals. In a rematch of the recent EGLX grand finals, Nairo and Ally duked it out, but ultimately Nairo came out on top with a score of 3­2.

Top 8 Results:

1. Liquid Nairo(2) Zero Suit Samus

2. Ally(6) Mario, Cloud

3. Wrath Sonic

4. LordMix Bowser

5. Vinnie(18) Sheik, Rosalina

5. EchoFox MVG Mew2King(28) Cloud

7. 2GG VoiD(8) Sheik

7. Mr. E Marth


The biggest storylines from this tournament belong to Wrath and LordMix. With his win over Ally and 3rd place showing, Wrath is making a move for best Sonic, outpacing both Seagull Joe and 6WX who was called the best Sonic player by ZeRo in his video series. Wrath's strategy of confusing his opponents with Spin Dash and shield and then moving in to punish any unsafe options proved to be very effective but fell short when dealing with ZSS's speed and Cloud's ability to take a similar defensive position, while charging Limit Break.

Wrath is only 14 years old and this impressive placing marks him as someone to look out for in the future. LordMix made huge strides with Bowser in singles, netting the character a rare top 8 placing in a tournament of such a large scale. After receiving some major improvements a couple patches ago, Bowser has mainly stayed out of the limelight. LordMix displayed Bowser’s full potential this past weekend, utilizing Bowser’s amazing pivot grab to great success. Bowser’s large weight coupled with his ability to take stocks very early proved to work well against Sheik, a character that is very light and struggles to kill. However, the benefits of using Bowser also come with the hindrance of his poor ledge game. Equipped with very few options, LordMix struggled when dealing with Vinnie’s use of Rosalina’s jab at the ledge, and Ally punished his roll into the stage numerous times with Up­Smash. Will these flaws keep LordMix and Bowser from breaking past this result?

Momocon ended up being an extremely entertaining and surprising tournament. To see whether these surprise performances can be repeated or not is something that we all should look forward to.

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